Slabcake: Playlist 1

21 05 2011

The act of breakfast 

Here are details of the tracks played in the first edition of Slabcake on 21st May 2011. 

Les Structures Sonores: Manége
from the album Les Structures Sonores N° 4, BAM (deleted)

Michishige Tomohisa: Archetrave
from the album Gold Coins for a Cat 
Learn to Swim

Terry Riley : In the Summer
from the album Les Yeux Fermés and Lifespan 
Elision Fields

Mix by Nicholas James: "She brings in the dawning" 
- BBC Radiophonic Workshop , Good Morning Wales from the album BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective, BBC Worldwide Ltd 
Richard Burton and cast, The Town Smells Of Seaweed And Breakfast - an excerpt from Under Milk Wood, BBC Worldwide Ltd 
- Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band, Ramadan In Space Time from the album Egyptian Jazz 
    Art Yard
- Roj: Morning Break from the album The Transactional Dharma of Roj, Ghost Box 
- Brian Bennett: Reflections on a Misty Morning from the album Aim High, RPM 
- David Devant and His Spirit Wife: Cookie The Clown, Kindness Recordings
- MC CocOen: Heyfuckface! from the album Zombie Autograph Hunter (radio edit) 

Acid Wilhelm: Peridot
from the single "I was promised spacemen and flying cars"
Learn to Swim

Brian Eno: Slow Water
from the album Music for Films 
Virgin UK

Southern Charles 
The Lights Inside (remixed by Acid Wilhelm) not yet released
Weeping Truckers

Harmonia : Sonnenschein
from the album Muzik von Harmonia 

Hank: The Sun Shines at Your Door
from the album The Luck of the Singers 
Weeping Truckers / Blocks Recording Club

Slabcake is produced by Learn to Swim Recordings for Chorlton FM 

Presented by Pete Nitrous. Produced by Acid Wilhelm. 

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