Compilations and special releases

Learn to Swim

Concepts. Time. Manipulation.

Acid Wilhelm

Improvised piano works.

Andrei with a candle

Loneliness and two other words.


Songs poorly sung.

Ben Bloody Thompson

Breakbeat science horror.

The Crisps

Primani urban.

Daughters of Cargill

120 MPH bongos.

David Loophead

Nature. Melancholia. Guitars.


Cloud with bassline.

Hair by Roger

Artmuzik fabrik, stimmt?

Hans Allein

Not really jazz.

The Ira Snowmelt Trio

Soundrack and incidental.


Something special. Ska.


Japanese synthesizer pioneer.

The Michishige Tomohisa Archive

15 minute mood.


Fun with phasers

Oh Joyous Diner

Sonic landscapist. Ponderer.

Pete Nitrous

Mindfulness. Relaxation. Sleep.


Midbeat electro.

Shadow Moss

Low-fi. Post-Waxworks.

The Submercibles

Electronica and triphop.

Wiskin and Semlay

Past racket.

The Cab Williamson's Waxworks Archive

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