Slabcake: Playlist 4

29 05 2011

A family of shell-bearing creatures  

Here are details of the tracks played in the fourth and final edition of Slabcake on 29th May 2011.

Oh Joyous Diner: Chlorophyll is Good for the Imagination
from the single Salad Makes You Feel Good
Learn to Swim

Pierre Henry : Voile d'Orphee
taken from the album Adventures in Sound

Mix by Lemur Communcations: The Colours
Has lived in Chorlton for over a decade. Is a collector of odd, unusual and confusing things. Currently investigating: the folklore of animals.
- Phil Lynott - Yellow Pearl (Lemurs on Mogadon remix)
- Dion - Purple Haze
Goblin - Profundo Rosso 
- Delia Derbyshire - Blue Veils and Golden Sands
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Rydeen
- Telltale - Rainbow  

Malcolm Clarke (BBC Radiophonic Workshop) : The Sea Devils
from the album Doctor Who: The Music
BBC Enterprises

Michishige Tomohisa : Musikalisches Wurfelspiel 1 (Mozart)
(not yet released)  
Learn to Swim

Gyorgy Ligeti : Continuum
taken from the album Etudes pour Piano/Invention/Musica Ricercata
Col Legno Collage

Terry Riley : Happy Ending (excerpt)
from the album Les Yeux Fermés / Lifespan  
Elision Fields

Hank : Mountain Wood Collection
from the album The Luck of the Singers
Weeping Truckers / Blocks Recording Club

Slabcake is produced by Learn to Swim Recordings for Chorlton FM

Presented by Nicholas James. Produced by Acid Wilhelm.

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